Disney History

It’s time for Disney History!

5215Sleeping Beauty
5214Freedomland Pt. 2
5213Freedomland Pt. 1
5212Six Flags Over Texas
5211Robert Stevenson
5210Busch Gardens Williamsburg
5209Mary Blair
4208Streets of America
4207Busch Gardens
4206Holiday Theme Parks
4205Busch Gardens
4202Kings Island
4201Coney Island
4200Animal Kingdom
4199Pacific Ocean Park
4198Haunted Mansion
4197Pacific Ocean Park
4196Body Wars
4195The Disney Family
4193Roller Coasters
4191Disney Pirates
4190Making of the Black Cauldron
4186Maharajah Jungle Trek
4185The Land
4184Dark Rides
4183Fantasia (Part 2)
4182Fantasia (Part 1)
4180Coney Island
4179Disney, Dali, and Destino
4178Unbuilt Walt Disney World Resorts
4175Test Track
4174Tree of Life
4171Marvel Comics
4169Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
4167History of the Cinderella Story
4165Darby O'Gill and the Little People
4162Peter Pan's Flight (pt 2)
4161Peter Pan's Flight (pt 1)
4160The Queen Mary
4159Transportation Systems
4158Eastern Winds
4158Treehouse Villas
4157Knott's Berry Farm
31561964/1965 New York World's Fair
31551964/1965 World's Fair
3154Osborne Family Spectactle of Dancing Lights
3151Studio Ghibili
3150Food at Disneyland
3149Main Street Market House
3148Disneyland's Big River
3147Tokyo Disneyland
3146Disney Urban Legends
3145Walt Disney World Resort in 1973
3143Firehouse Five Plus Two
3140History of the Star Tours Company
3139Star Tours
3138Polynesian Village in the 1970s
3135Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964-1965 World's Fair (Part 2)
3134Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964-1965 World's Fair (Part 1)
3132The World Cruise
3131Davy Crockett
313020,000 Leagues Under the Sea
3129Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
3128Disneyland Hotel
3127Storybook Land Canal Boats
3126Ford Magic Skyway from the 1964-65 NY World’s Fair (Part 2)
3125Ford Magic Skyway from the 1964-65 NY World’s Fair (Part 1)
3124Kitchen Kabaret
3123House of the Future
3117HeimGluck 2014
3116Sleeping Beauty Castle
3115Mineral King Resort
311470 Year History of Frozen
3113California Alligator Farm
3112Pirates of the Caribbean
3111Flying Saucers
3110Disneyland Paris
31091964-65 New York World’s Fair
3108Main Street
310650th Anniversary of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair
3105Submarine Voyage
104Michael Eisner
103Rocket Rods
102Santa Claus, Indiana
100River Country
99Diane Disney Miller
98World of Color
97Pleasure Island
95Spaceship Earth
94Phantom Manor
93The Disney Inn
92Alice in Wonderland Attraction
89If You Had Wings
87Empress Lilly
86Golden Horseshoe
85World Key
83Buena Vista Street
82Mark Twain Boat
80Ward Kimball
77Main Street USA
76Circarama Films
75Knott's Log Ride
75Timber Mountain
74Tobacco Shop
72Disney-MGM Studio
70History of Theme Parks
69Typhoon Lagoon
66Space Mountain
65Bob Gurr talks about the Monorail
64Cuban Carnival
63Downtown Disney
62Jose Carioca
61Norway Pavilion in EPCOT
60Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
59Wizard of Bras
58Toy Story
57Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition
55Bob Gurr Talks about Bob-A-Longs
54Captain EO
110Club 33
19Robert Sherman
18Castaway Cay
17Rolly Crump
15Expo Robotics
15Trademark of Mickey Mouse
15Live Stage Show of Dick Tracy
15Disney Acquires The Muppets
14John Hench
14Disney California Adventure
14Elias Disney
14Blaine Gibson
13Frank Thomas
13Laugh O Grams
13Three Caballeros
13Ollie Johnston
12Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
12Monorails Debut
12Pecos Bill's Last Performance
11Claude Coats
11Adriana Caselotti 
11Ollie Johnston

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