Five Legged Goat

Sometimes you might see it, sometimes you don’t. Look! What’s that? It’s a five legged goat.

5215Victory Garden
5214Wilderness Lodge Lobby
5213Telegram from Big Thunder Mountain
5211Elephant Statue
5209C-3PO’s arm
44Susie’s Speed Shop
4207Tusker House
4206Jingle Cruise
4205THINK! sign
4204Chicago Exposition
4203Gears of Tomorrowland
4202Walt’s Car
4201Bullwhip Griffin Trail
4200Michael Jackson
4199Texas John Slaughter
4198Haunted Mansion
4195RTO D-2
4194Red Car Trolley
4193The Old Oak Tree
4192Space Mountain
4191Bob Iger Shrimp
4190Fort Wilderness
4189Tony Baxter
4188Carolwood Park
4187Snow White’s Wishing Well
4185The Prairie scene in the Land
4184Harambe Bench
4183Empress Lilly
4182Primeval World
4180Davy Crockett
4177Paint the Night Parade
4176Voyage to the Iron Reef
4175Test Track
4174Marvel Films Phase 2
4173Ant on the Tree of Life
4172Uh Oa at Trader Sam's
4171Space Chickens
4170Trader Sam's Grog Grotto
4169Car Toon Spin
4167Disney Legend Statue at Disney Studios, Burbank
4166Mickey's Piano
4165Goofy's Periodic Table
4164No Doubt
4163Mickey's Passport
4162Archimedes the Owl
4161Tibetan Earrings
4160Carsland Hides a Knick Knack
4159Charlie Brown
4158Harper's Cider Mill, Cider Point
4157Lone Ranger
3156Court of the Angels
3155Fort Langhorn
3154Jack Skellington
3153Mr. Peavidy
3152The Queen Mary
3149Memento Mori
3148Storybook Circus Fire Department
3147Van Tassell Halloween Party
3146Tower of Terror
3145I Crane's Ad
3144Pop Century
3143Concord Bridge
3142Dino Institute
3141Tiki Mug
3140Star Tours
3139Star Tours
3138Indiana the Goat
3137Porcelains of Europe
3136Indian Chief
3135Singing Harp
3134Ben Franklin
3133Tres Caballeros
3131Statue of Self Reliance
3129Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
3127Barnabas T. Bullion
3126Dick Tracy
3125Storytellers Statue
3124Two Finger Point
3122The Barn at Knott's Berry Farm
3120California Screaming
3119Pipe in Star Tours
3118A Man with a Wooden Leg Named Smith
3117Four Leafed Clover
3116Star Trek on Star Tours
3115Walt Disney's Mom on Buena Vista Street
3114Other characters in Frozen
3113MGM Studios
3112Buzz Lightyear in CarsLand
3111Baltimore Gun Club
3110Map at Ariel's Undersea Adventure
3109Swiss Sky Ride
3108Caribbean Plaza - Perry's Hat
3106Watch at the Contemporary in Walt Disney World
3105Seawater Supply
2104Communicore Weekly Musical
2102Julius Katz and Sons
2101Crystal Arts
2100Once Upon A Time Store
299Anaheim Produce
298Orange Light
297Residential Street
296Campe Minnie Mickey
294Mayor of Phantom Canyon
294Madame Leota's Book
293Main Street Confectionery
292The Beatles
291The Main Street Firehouse
289Banjo Lessons
288Lego Captain Jack
287New Orleans Square Fire Plaques
286Muppet Penguins
285World Key Kiosks
284Jungle Telegraph Company
283The Land
282Mary Poppins
281The Baby Center
280Buena Vista Street
279Jerry Rees
277The Largest Footprint
276Camels in Adventureland
275Timber Mountain Log Ride
274Enchanted Tiki Room
273Gertie The Dinosaur
272Superstar Television
271Captain John Hench
270Big Wheel
269Nautical Flags
268Mighty Microscope
267The Liberty Square
266Kilimanjaro Safari
265Animation Courtyard
264Charlton Heston
263The Imagination Institute
262Yacht and Beach Club
260Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
259Tom Sawyer Island
258MuppetVision 4D
257Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
256Tarzan's Treehouse
255Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe 
254Blizzard Beach
253Boardwalk at Walt Disney World
110Storybook Circus
19Ticket Booths in the Magic Kingdom
18W. Ray Colburn
17It's a Small World
16Roofs of Norway
15The Chapeau
14Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe
13Splash Mountain How to Catch a Rabbit
12Sir Mickey's
11The Original Five Legged Goat

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