Bathroom Break

Sometimes it’s a one. Sometimes it’s a two. What you gonna do? It’s a bathroom break!

4205Grand Californian
4194Tokyo DisneySea
4186Mystic Manor
4176Le Cellier Steakhouse
4172Wonders of Life Pavillion
4170Knott's Berry Farm's Berry Market
4167Royal Flush at Cinderella's Castle
4164Paradise Gardens
4157Tom Sawyer Island
3155Mickey & Friends Parking Structure
3140Star Wars Themed Restroom
3139Carthay Circle
3129Jim Henson Studios Bathroom
3124Walt's Private Apartment
3112Patriotic Potty by the American Adventure in Epcot
287Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom
269Trader Sam's
262Blue Lagoon in Disneyland Paris
261The Most Expensive E-Ticket Bathroom
255France Pavilion
19Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow
16Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
15Hilton Head Island
14Germany Bathroom
12Fantasyland Bathrooms

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