About Us

Just what the heck is Communicore Weekly?

That’s a good question. Thanks for asking!

Communicore Weekly is a weekly podcast exploring all the geeky things about Disney hosted by full time Dis-Nerds George Taylor and Jeff Heimbuch!


What do you guys cover?

A whole bunch of stuff. We have different segments every week, some of which we do every episode and some we rotate in and out. One week you might get a Bathroom Break, while another you may find yourself peering into a Window of the Week. You never know what you are going to get?


What segments do you have?

On any given episode, you can find the following segments:

It’s Time For Disney History -Ever wonder about the ins and outs of certain attractions, movies, and more? Allow us to fill you in on some of the geeky Disney knowledge we have acquired!

George’s Book Of The Week – George is librarian. So naturally, he reads a lot of books. Who better to review the massive amount of Disney-related books out there?

Bathroom Break – One of the best things about the Disney Theme Parks are the restrooms. No, really, we’re not joking! We showcase the best ones!

Captain Leo – Cadet Leo tells us something adorable, because he’s 5!

Zak Explains It All – Zak breaks down some of the more technical explanations of things for us common folk.

Trip Report -Get jealous as we (or a special guest) tells us about their recent trip!

60 Second Review – We review something in 60 seconds or less (or in about 3 minutes…whatever comes first).

Disney Debate – What’s better? We tell you!

Window Of The Week -Ever wonder about some of the names and business displayed on the windows of Main Street? We explore what they mean and who they pay tribute to.

Five Legged Goat – Hidden throughout the Disney Theme Parks are tributes and references to former attractions, shows, and the Imagineers who built them. We point them out to you so you can point them out to your friends and family!

In The Hot Seat – In this segment separate from the regular show, we interview Disney celebrities!

I love the show! How can I help support you guys?

You can head over to our Patreon page, if you’d like, and pledge something. Or don’t pledge anything! We’re going to do the show anyway!

We love the show, but why are they so short? I just want to listen to you guys all day long!

Well, that’s awfully flattering of you to say, nameless fan of the show that we just created for the sake of this question! We’d listen to us all day too, if we have the chance. But we know everyone has a life they need to attend to from time to time, and how overbearingly long some podcasts can be. So, we like to keep each episode short and sweet: ideally under 20 minutes. But we certainly pack each episode with another Disney geekiness for you to go into overload!


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