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Have a Disney- or theme park-related book or product? Want to have it reviewed in front of 50,000 to 100,000 Disney fans and enthusiasts?

Here at Communicore Weekly, we love checking out all things Disney! We’re happy to accept review copies of physical books as well as software, films, and other media as long as there is a Disney connection.

About the Reviews:

George has been reviewing books, DVDs, blu-rays, video games and other media since the launch of ImagiNERDing in 2007. In 2012, Jeff and George started writing and editing the weekly Disney Review column on MiceChat. Reviews also appear on Communicore Weekly in the George’s Book of the Week and 60-Second Review segments.

We retain a high level of integrity and will never trade a positive review for a free copy of a book or blu-ray.

Contact us at to find out how to get review copies to us!



  1. Jeff,

    I just purchased the book, It’s Kind of a Cute Story, and really enjoying it. I wrote Mr. Crump and asked him to sign a bookplate which I will place in the book. I was wondering if I could also send you a bookplate and ask if you could also autograph it. If it is okay, please let me know where I could send the bookplate? I will enclosed a stamped envelope for its return.

    Thank you,


  2. Any chance of a rss feed for the video version of the podcast? I know it’s on YouTube but you can’t download it to your device for offline access.


  3. Hi Jeff,
    I wonder if you heard why the subs are closed sooner then this Monday?
    What happened was that the cave entrance before you go into station., the cave rockwork fell and broke the track.
    Noone was hurt, but all the subs had to travel backwardsinto station.
    And the sub that was stuck in the cave was stuck there for an hour or so.

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