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Disney Nerds for Hire!


Looking for someone to dish about Disney history, theme parks or anything else Disney related?

Jeff and George are both available for public speaking engagements in California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Central Florida.

Actually, we’ll go pretty much anywhere as long as the price is right!

George and Jeff have presented hour-long shows in front of a standing room only audiences in places such as the (former) Norway Pavilion at Epcot, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of EPCOT Center, and Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, as part of their official programming.

Dragon Con crowd, just before the show
Dragon Con crowd, just before the show

George has given talks on the Art (and Details) of the Magic Kingdom, planning a Walt Disney World trip, and a quick-and-dirty history of Walt Disney World.

Jeff has shared the stage with Rolly to talk about Disney history and working with Walt. Jeff has also spoken about Disney history and the finer (and oft-hidden) details about the Disney parks. He has presented numerous topics to Disney groups all over the country!

Jeff and George will work with you to custom-design programs and discussions based on your needs. Whether it’s a small group or a large corporate event, they can get the job done.

We offer the following program and more!

  • Vacation Planning 101
    Offering tips to help you plan the best possible vacation.
  • Nerdy Vacation Planning
    Been around the (Walt Disney) World a few times? Let us show you some of the nerdier ways to spend your vacation time!
  • The History of Disneyland
    Take a walk in Walt’s footsteps as we delve into the creation and history of  The Happiest Place on Earth.
  • The History of Walt Disney World
    Learn all about the Florida property, including Walt’s dreams, Roy’s successes and everything else about the 47 square miles.
  • The Evolution of Walt’s Animated Films
    Looking for some in-depth information on the animated films? A glance at the development of the animated art form.
  • Five Legged Goats of Disneyland
  • Walt and the World’s Fair
  • WESTcot
  • South of the Border with Disney and Friends!

Don’t hesitate to email us to talk about speaking to your group about Disney! Email us at for more information!

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  1. I hosted George and Jeff at Dragon Con 2015 on the Kaleidoscope Track. George and Jeff were prepared and professional and a lot of fun. They light up the room with their humor. If you have any Disney Related Panels, Theme Park Related Panels or Pod Casting Panels, please feel free to add them. My staff has already requested that I invite them back for 2016 and many of our fans posted positive feed back about their panels.

    I would highly recommend George Taylor and Jeff Heimbuch from Communicore Weekly as guests for your convention.

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