Communicore Weekly: The Musical

Communicore Weekly, the greatest online show, is proud to announce the release of Communicore Weekly: The Musical! For the first time ever, hear the true origin story of how Jeff and George were brought together to face the biggest threat that the Disney theme parks, and the universe, has ever faced: Michael Eisner! Through the […]

Episode 104 – Season 2 Finale – Michael Eisner, Work In Progress, Main Street Marching Band

DISNEY HISTORY! – Meanwhile, George and Jeff talk about Michael Eisner in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – Jeff…and then George…talk about Work in Progress: Risking Failure, Surviving Success for the Book of the Week! WINDOW OF THE WEEK! – Jeff looks at the Main Street Marching Band for the Window of […]

Episode 102 – Holiday Episode – Santa Claus Land, Christmas Crafts, Baby Sinclair, Ghostbusters II

DISNEY HISTORY! – George and Jeff take a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana to check out Santa Claus Land in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George gets into the holiday spirit with Disney’s Christmas With All the Trimmings: Original Stories and Crafts from Mickey Mouse and Friends for the Book of […]