Episode 169 – Roger Rabbit Episode

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where it’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit themed! We talk about History of, Who Censored, WE Disney, Question Mark, and Vanity Plates! P-p-p-p-please listen to it!

  • DISNEY HISTORY! – Jeff and George talk about the making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in this week’s History Segment!
  • BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George reads Who Censored Roger Rabbit, which the movie is based on, for the Book of the Week!
  • WINDOW OF THE WEEK! – Jeff looks at not one, but TWO Windows of the Week!
  • ONE LITTLE FACT! – George knows you about the film’s title in One Little Fact!
  • FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, Car Toon Spin hides this week’s Five Legged Goat!

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