Episode 75 – Timber Mountain Log Ride, WARP, Atlantis, Emperors New Groove, Bud Hurlbut

DISNEY HISTORY! – Sometimes we branch out a bit to talk about other theme parks. This is one of those times! Learn all about Knott’s Log Ride, Timber Mountain, in this week’s History segment!

BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George and Jeff travel through time with the first novel in Eoin Coifer’s latest series, WARP, for the Book of the Week!

60 SECOND REVIEW – Jeff and George review the Atlantis and Emperors New Groove Blu Rays in the 60 Second Review!

FIVE LEGGED GOAT – And finally, the Timber Mountain Log Ride hides this week’s Five Legged Goat!

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Here’s the awesome poster from Kevin Rast we talked about!


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