Episode 54 – Captain EO, Art of Disney, Frankenweenie, XS 17

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Captain EO, Art of Disney, Frankenweenie, and XS 17!

DISNEY HISTORY! — Learn how we are here to change the world as we explore the origins of Captain EO!

BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George looks The Art of Walt Disney: From Magic Mouse To The Magic Kingdom for this book this week.

60 SECOND REVIEW! – We watched Frankenweenie! We review it! We didn’t like it!

FIVE LEGGED GOAT! –  And finally, visit Blizzard Beach to find this tribute to an old, popular toy for this week’s Five Legged Goat!

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    1. It was only showing up wrong on my iPhone using Safari. It looks okay here using a PC with Firefox. I’ll have to check it again on my phone. I looked it up on YouTube and it was there.

  1. Talk about freaky. When I reloaded under Safari, the Captain EO picture showed and then changed to the image from Episode 1.
    I tried Opera mini for iPhone and it’s working.
    So, I have a workaround.

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